Fybush Media’s extensive network of contacts in the industry means we excel at finding the right buyer for your station. Our decades of experience means we’ll work closely with you to make sure your station is listed at the right price. If there’s a way to upgrade your signal, our FCC allocations expertise means we can help you present that value potential to buyers. And your listing on our portal reaches more potential buyers through our promotional partnership with RadioInsight, the most-viewed news and information site in the radio industry.


Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced station owner, draw on Fybush Media’s expertise to help you find the right property at a fair price. Our deep knowledge of the broadcast landscape means you’ll get a comprehensive look at the marketplace. We have a proven track record providing banks with the clear, concise appraisal data they need to get a deal moving. And our FCC allocations expertise helps us guide you to any upgrade potential your new acquisition might hold. We can also connect you with the industry’s top engineering talent to help you build out any new studios or transmission facilities your new purchase might require – and we can even help you find financing.


Fybush Media is more than just a station brokerage; in fact, our brokerage business developed from our expertise in strategic signal upgrades and FCC allocation work. Among our earliest clients was Vermont Public Radio, where Fybush Media assisted in developing a strategy to build out a second statewide network through station acquisitions and new FCC applications. Those applications included FM translators, some of which Fybush Media subsequently sold during the “250-mile” window in 2016.

Fybush Media is ready to help you, too. Whether it’s moving an existing translator, fighting an interference battle, downgrading an AM to unlock the value of an underlying transmitter site, upgrading a full-power FM signal, adding an on-channel FM booster or executing a more complex allocations strategy, we have a proven track record with clients from Idaho to Maine. Let’s talk about how we can help you!