WRPA + Translator CP W275DA, Providence RI

*Cover one of New England’s most vibrant markets on both AM and FM*

WRPA, Providence, RI is a 10,000-watt full-time class B AM station on 1290 kHz that serves all of greater Providence with bonus coverage of Newport, RI and Fall River, MA, reaching more than 1.3 million potential listeners in its daytime 2 mV/m contour, including over 160,000 Hispanic listeners.

Includes owned, renovated transmitter site, with a second floor that could be built out for studios and offices.

Translator construction permit W275DA (102.9), Providence, RI is a 115-watt/500-foot permit that will cover Providence and beyond on the FM dial, reaching more than 380,000 potential listeners in its 60 dBu contour with significant fringe coverage as well from a prime transmitter site in the Rehoboth, MA TV/FM tower farm. Transmitter site lease has been negotiated and is ready for a buyer to sign and build out.

WRPA AM Daytime 2mV/M Coverage Map
W275DA 60 dBu Coverage Map

Stake out your prime spot on both AM and FM in market #44 and get in on one of New England’s most diverse, exciting cities – contact broker Scott Fybush at scott@fybush.com or 585-442-5411.